Photographer LaMont Kraft

Nature's Edge Photography

Welcome to my Nature's Edge Photography website. You will find my photography collections revolve mostly around the natural world. I also enjoy photographing culturally or historically unique subjects. I have coupled my love of the outdoors with a love of history and find photography an excellent expression of these interests.

Artist Statement

My goal with photography is to project a reflection through my images of a specific moment in time and location. Emphasis in my photography is to get it spot on in the camera using camera features and setting adjustments as well as different lenses. If I don't get it spot on in the camera, I will not use it. Also, nothing is ever added to or subtracted from the image. I will sometimes use a process to even out high contrast scenes to achieve an image of rich color and depth. This is an artistic technique that has become popular with many of my customers.

How to Use this Website

To navigate the site, simply click on a gallery to the right of this page. You may then see additional subgalleries. Click on those to see the individual images. When you click on the option "see larger image" you will be able to experiment with different inner and outer mat colors. I take the time to double mat all my images to fit standard size frames so images can be changed out for occasions or seasons. On the website you have the option to order matted images to fit frames sized 16x20, 11x14 and 18x24. I also do custom work for most any size and have done special orders for people who have a non-standard frame they wish to use. All images can also be ordered on canvas. Simply email me your goal with an image and I will be happy to work to provide a piece you will be proud of.

Also, please feel free to request my current show schedule by email.